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  • The Sleeves Size and question
    Q:Which size should I use for Yugioh, Magic, or Pokemon? A: Yugioh:62mm X 89mm Magic or pokemon or any card of the same size: 67mm X 92mm Q:I would like to use anime sleeves for Yugioh cards, but they are too large for them. How can I resolve it? A:Purchase a pack of Ultra Pro or any other brand of small size sleeves(62mmX89mm) for your cards and your anime sleeves as double sleeves, you can also do triple sleeves to protect the anime sleeves as well. Q:What's the difference Between Matte sleeves and Smooth gloss Sleeves? A:Matte Sleeves usually last longer than the Smooth Sleeves but Smooth gloss sleeves will be more clearly. Q:Is it a good idea to use double sleeves for my deck of cards? A:It is! However, in official tournaments like WCS in the US, it is not allowed to use double sleeves, but in store tournaments or fun days with friends we suggest using double sleeves to protect anime or other valuable Sleeves. Q:You sell some budget anime sleeves, but the quality is not as good as the normal anime sleeves, why do this? A: We do this because not all of our customers can afford the high-value supplies but they really like the anime look of the sleeve. After they get the double sleeve, there isn't a huge difference in Shuffle between the two.
  • Card Deck Box
    Q:What is the different between leather deck box and plastic deck box A:Leather and plastic are different material.Plastic deck box cost much lower but the quality cannot be compare with leather deck box. Q:Plastic deck box have two different kind.One is the regular one and another one is the one that needs to be build up.Which is best for me? A:Regular deck box usually are more stable since they use the glue stable it already.Usually the plastic material are more thick.The deck box which needs to be build usually made by thin plastic.Also you need to know how to build up otherwise it will damage the box. It usually cost more lower but depend on what anime on the deck box. Q:There has many kind and brand of leather deck box.Which is best for me? A:If you are upgrade your level and try to get a leather box this is important to you.Actually most of the brand and type are very close or even the same craft format. So more best looking will cost more also the brand does.So brand or unbrand actually the cost of produce are the same but price have hugh different. There has one type of leather deck box is very different and rare and that is the anime leather deck box with multiple colors. As you know most of the deck box are pure colors. So don't miss a changce if you find them!
  • How to choose a playmat
    Q:I must use official playmat on the tournament? A:No.You can use the Custom playmat on the local store tournament.But you must use the playmat they provide to you on YCS or WCS. Q: how to choose the size and the thickness? A: Yugioh's playmat are larger than VG or pokemon and Digimon playmat.
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